The object of the game:

Players may place bets on single numbers or numerous combinations including rows of numbers, colors, and odd or even numbers.

The principle of American roulette is easy:
the dealer spins a ball around the rim of a revolving wheel which is divided into 37 equal compartments clearly numbered 0 to 36.

Each number is either red or black except 0 which is usually green. The ball eventually comes to rest in one of the compartments and that compartment is the winning number.

The dealer will show this on the layout by placing a “dolly“ on the winning number. Players may place bets on the following options:

-Even Chances: Red, Black, etc – paid 1-1

-Dozens: 1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36- paid 2-1

-Columns: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, -paid 2 -1

-Numbers ( straight ups ): 1,2,3 etc. –paid 35 -1

-Splits: between adjacent numbers- paid 17-1

-Streets: strips of 3 numbers- paid 11-1

-Corners: the corner of 4 numbers-paid 8-1

-Six-liners: strips of 6 numbers-paid 5-1

Any bets not associated with the winning number will be lost and surrendered to the House, unless the number is 0 and all stakes on the even chance bets will lose half stakes.

How to play

Generally, you will be given different colored wheels chips to play with. These make it easier for both the players and the dealer to see whose chips are whose.

You can place these chips on any number and any combination of numbers before the spin and during the spin, and no longer after the dealer says “no more bets“, then just wait for the winning number.

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