Caribbean Stud Poker


The object of the game:

Caribbean Stud Poker is based on Five Card Stud Poker. Each player “Antes“ with the option of playing for a progressive jackpot and receives five cards face down. The players then decide to either fold or to make an additional bet to play their hand against the dealer. The dealer also receives five cards , with one card face up and four down. The player then must decide if they would like to bet or fold depending on the strength of their hand.

A fold results in the loss of the “Ante“

A bet to continue the hand must be 2 times the “Ante“

The dealer then turns over their remaining four cards and arranges them into a poker hand requiring a minimum of Ace / King to qualify.

If the dealer qualifies and beats the player, both “Ante “ and raise will lose.

If the dealer qualifies and loses to the player’s hand, the “Ante “ is paid even money with the bet paid according to the pay table.

In the event that the dealer does not qualify, “ Ante “ bets are paid even money with the bet wager pushing.

Progressive Jackpot

Place a 2 tala sidebet when you play Caribbean Stud Poker for a chance to win big. This bet is using the electronic sidebet pad.

The progressive jackpot is paid 100 % when the player hits a Royal Flush, 10 % of the meter being out for a straight flush.